We translate everything, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual into muscular tension.

F. M. Alexander

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Alexander technique like massage?

No. Alexander teachers use their hands in a unique way to provide a stimulus to your musculature which allows you to discover your own balance, poise and freer movement. In a lesson, you are involved in learning the specific skills which allow you to practice the Alexander technique - your participation is essential.

Is the Alexander Technique like meditation?

The Alexander Technique works well with meditation. Learning how to sit in meditation comfortably without pain or tension is valuable. It becomes easier to meditate when we are free from our habitual holding patterns - physical, mental and emotional.

Who learns the Alexander Technique?

The Technique is for anyone who wants to function at their best in whatever circumstances arise.

Is the Alexander Technique recognized by the medical profession?

Yes, many doctors, physiotherapists and osteopaths recommend the Technique. See British Medical Journal 20thAugust 2008 at www.bmj.com for results of research into the Alexander Technique funded by the Medical Research Council.

How does it work?

Through verbal explanation and the gentle guiding hands of the teacher, and the pupil applying the principles of the Technique, teacher and pupil work together so that the pupil becomes aware of how he holds tension and the effects that tension has on his body and how he feels in himself. Gradually the pupil learns how to release his tension and experience more ease and freer movement in his body.

How long are lessons and how many do I need?

Lessons usually last 40 minutes. The number of lessons may vary according to the needs of each individual pupil.

If you were to briefly describe the Alexander Technique to someone who
didn't know about it what would you say?

I would quote Aldous Huxley who is famous in the Alexander world for inventing this metaphor of the work: “understanding Alexander' s discoveries, without experiencing a lesson, is similar to a blind person' s perception of red. I would recommend that anyone who is interested take a lesson on a 1-1 basis with a STAT qualified teacher.

What should I wear?

You remain fully clothed throughout a lesson but be prepared to take off your shoes. Comfortable everyday clothes are appropriate.

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