We translate everything, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual into muscular tension.

F. M. Alexander

History of the Technique

The Alexander technique was developed more than a century ago by FM Alexander (1869-1955) an Australian actor who lost his voice while reciting. The technique he discovered while correcting his own vocal problems focused on correcting the misuse of the neuro muscular relationships between the head, neck and spine. He saw this misuse as the core of his problems. Alexander’s principles are based on the relationships between bones, muscles and nerves, but critically Alexander understood that as human beings we have the ability to experience and coordinate the body as a whole. Our poise and freedom in the body is based on this coordination.

Over a course of lessons the student acquires a new experience of body awareness giving him or her greater freedom in choosing how to respond to stressful situations in life. Invariably the student feels better in himself having transformed everyday pains and stress into energy and also an enhanced sense of self. The Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique (STAT) was founded in the UK in 1958. Teaching members (MSTAT) are certified to teach the technique after successfully completing a three year, full time training course approved by the society.

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