We translate everything, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual into muscular tension.

F. M. Alexander


Going to Diana is the best thing I ever did. I don’t just feel taller, I am taller. Friends say I appear ten years younger. I feel better generally. It suits me and I tell everyone, find out if it suits you. I think Diana is a particularly talented teacher, she teaches without seeming to. And no, I’m not her dad.

Retired Solicitor

I went to Diana with a painful injury, other health problems and depression. She quickly lifted my spirits and took me out of my pain. I struggled to understand how she was doing this but the important thing was that it worked. After six months I had regained my spirit, energy and mobility – thank you Diana. I still practice the technique a year later.

Professor of Design Science

After my back injury cleared up, I continued with lessons as I could experience how my posture was gradually becoming more aligned and my movements more fluid and light. Within myself, I began to feel more centred and present in daily life and generally more confident and energized too. I have clearly experienced that the Alexander Technique is not just about the balance and health of the physical body but it works on a deeper soul level as well.

Class Teacher at Michael Hall Waldorf Steiner School

I wanted to find a way to control my nerves whilst playing the flute in the orchestra! A fellow flautist recommended the Alexander technique and Diana. I am certainly more in control of my nerves and there have been other benefits. The chronic neck pain I experience as a result of tension has disappeared. The back injury I received as a result of heavy work no longer troubles me since I have applied my Alexander lessons at work. I work in a Nursing Home and I feel the quality of my touch with patients has a more beneficial effect on them - in particular enhancing my non-verbal communication with stroke patients.

Mother of two, Nursing Assistant and Flautist

I am beginning to use the Alexander Technique more and more often – as I stand in the queue in Sainsbury's, ride my motorcycle, standing over the cooker. I am confident that I will continue to use the technique more and it is so simple really! Another advantage is that my posture is so much better– people think I have lost weight! And I am still eating as much, but just using my body properly and easily.


The Alexander Technique gives me a sure sense of where I am now, not where I was in the past or where I might dream of being in the future but now – in the present. I feel I know more where I am in my life.


I feel the Alexander Technique has given me a secret key that other people don't have. A key for life. When I'm directing in the morning walking to work I'm aware of my surroundings, the sense of my feet on the ground, the trees on either side of me. And when I feel like this there's no space in my head to feel depressed.

Mother and Teacher

I feel taller, lighter, I breathe better – I feel like I take up more space!


I come out of the lesson and I feel a greater sense of myself.


I feel that the Alexander Technique had had a great impact on my life. As I give my ‘directions, I release up out of the slumped position in which I have lived for so many years. I have a different perception of who I am and how I perceive the world.


I have taken lessons over the past year and no longer have aches and pains in my neck and back and am generally much calmer in situations which previously would have caused me considerable stress.

Engineer and NLP practitioner

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