We translate everything, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual into muscular tension.

F. M. Alexander

Who Learns the Alexander Technique?

I recommend the Alexander Technique as an extremely sophisticated form of rehabilitation... From personal experience we can already confirm some of the claims made by Alexander and his followers namely, that many types of underperformance and even ailments, both mental and physical, can be alleviated, sometimes to a surprising degree, by teaching the body musculature to function differently. We already notice very striking improvements in such diverse things as high blood pressure, breathing, depth of sleep, overall cheerfulness and mental alertness, resilience against outside pressures, and in such a refined skill as playing a musical instrument.

Professor N Tinbergen, 1907-1988, Nobel Prize for Medicine 1973

All kinds of people have benefitted from this technique. Musicians, actors, performers and sportsmen use it to improve performance and prevent injury. Back pain, neck pain, stress management and respiratory conditions can be helped with Alexander Technique.

Dr Barlow in “The Alexander Principle” talks of a patient’s blood pressure dropping considerably after a re-educational session in which tense muscles were relaxed.

The Alexander Technique is of value to those living with long-term conditions eg. Osteo-arthritis, ME, Parkinson’s Disease. The Medical Research Council and the Parkinson’s Disease Society has funded research into the Alexander technique.


The principles of the Alexander Technique when applied to the changes a mother must make during pregnancy, childbirth and with the new baby can help her:

  • cope with the weight of the growing baby
  • learn movements and positions to facilitate natural labour
  • avoid backache and tiredness
  • recover the body and herself after childbirth

The principles of the Technique can help with the effects of hormonal changes including the time around the menopause. This can be a time of low energy, mood swings and changing body image involving a re-evaluation of goals and lifestyle. The skills learned can help balance the mind and body, be grounding and help develop an inner calm.

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